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It's never been easier to build a business of your own. Our tools will help you with the following:

  • Build your website and integrate more tools
  • Build and manage your products easily
  • Integrate with your Stripe or PayPal
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Flexible, Simple Plans

Check out our flexible, simple and transparent plans below. Designed for the journey of your creator business.

Starter plan

The beginning of your journey. We only take a cut when you generate revenue.

  • 10% fees
  • Full website / Embeddable Widgets
  • Stripe Connect / PayPal Connect
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Unlimited 1:1 Coaching

  • Unlimited Posts

  • Unlimited Digital Downloads

  • Unlimited Member Subscriptions with 5% fees

  • Live Events

  • GA4/FB/CAPI Tracking Integrations


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Essential plan

Includes all starter features. Ready for growth?

  • 2.5% fees
  • All Starter Features
  • Includes 100 Member Subscriptions without transaction fee
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Customized Notification Messages

  • Custom Form Field

  • Bulk Import/Export

  • Multiple Instructors/Lecturers

  • Zapier Integrations & Webhooks

  • 3rd-party integrations/Webhooks


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Premium Add-ons

Pay as you go. Upgrade whenever you need more features to grow. No contract. Downgrade anytime.

All Premium Feautres + Customize what you need

  • More Member Subscriptions

  • Advanced Analytics / Dashboard

  • Cohort Courses & Learning Center for Assigments

  • Page Builder & Premium Templates

  • 2K & 4K High-quality Video Streaming

  • Sales Funnel Builder

  • Team Accounts & Permissions

  • OAuth & SSO

  • Whitelabel


$50+ /mo

Pay As You Go.

One-stop Solution & Features

Run your online business with ease.

Create your website within minutes. No coding required. No need to worry about hosting, security, or backups. We handle all of that for you.

Online Courses
We offer a variety of powerful features such as bundle sales, coupons/offers, affiliate marketing and more.
Most memberships management software takes a cut from your revenue, but we don't. It's a flat rate pricing. Cool, isn't it?
Live Streaming
Live streaming & interact with your fans. You can even open a video/audio conversation with your audience.
Digital Downloads
Digital downloads is a great lead/revenue generation tool. It can also increase conversion rate with a powerful funnel builder.
Coaching Sessions
We have everything you need to run 1:1 coaching, from scheduling, booking, reminding, and rating/reviews.
Embeddable Widgets
Convert your existing website into a high-converting super website.

Connect with Your Apps

We've built integrations with some of your favorite services. Check'em out below.



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Google Tag Manager



LENS Content Studio

“As professionals, our greatest desire is to have time to improve our skills while serving our clients. Teachify fulfills this ideal by minimizing the barriers to online sales of knowledge products. It allows professionals to share their knowledge and generate passive income, giving them more time to invest in self-improvement and fostering positive and healthy career or business development. In the past, owning a website or online academy was merely a luxury for small companies or individual professionals due to limited resources for hiring engineers. With Teachify, it's as if we have a reliable CTO, enabling us to stand on the shoulders of giants and move forward!”

Len Yuan

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out.

How does it work?
You can build a website with Teachify. Then you can sell video courses, coaching sessions, digital downloads. All in one place. You can also embed Teachify widgets on your existing website, which means you can convert your visitors seamlessly.
Is Teachify a website builder?
Teachify is more than a website builder. Teachify is a next generation website builder, it's more like a business layer of creators. We are more focused on managing and selling. You either use Teachify to build your website or use Teachify as a management system, then embed products on your website or sell directly using payment links.
What's "Pay As You Go"?
We aim to help you make more money so that flat rate pricing will be more friendly. When you need more advanced features, you can selectively upgrade when you need to and always downgrade when you don't. You don't worry about overpaying. That's right, we charge for what you need.
Can I try it for free?
Yes, you can try it for free. You can create a website and sell your first product for free. You can also embed Teachify widgets on your existing website for free. You can also use Teachify as a management system for free. You can use Teachify for free as long as you want. You only pay when you need more advanced features.
Can I use my own domain name?
Yes. As long as you upgrade to the essential plan.